By making a booking both online or over the phone you are agreeing to our terms and conditions. It is the customer’s responsibility to read all the terms and conditions before making a booking.

Please make sure all members on your booking are familiar with our campsite terms and conditions.



As a guest at Pillaton Hall Farm we ask that you read and adhere to the following campsite terms and conditions. As the person making the booking, you have the responsibility to inform all users on your pitch of these terms and conditions; which must be adhered to by all of our guests. Our terms and conditions have been put in to place to ensure that everyone has an enjoyable stay with us.


  • No refunds will be available once your booking has been made under any circumstances.
  • Electric Accessible pitches do NOT include electric, you will be issued with an electric card at check in that will need to be topped up.  Please note that electric top ups are card payment only.  Electric can be purchased at the time of booking, at check in or from the campsite shop during your stay (during shop opening hours only).
  • Customers may change the date of their booking, for which there will be a £15.00 administration charge. Booking changes must be made no later than five working days before your arrival date and can only be moved to a date within the same season as your original booking.
  • Bookings cannot be moved to a Bank Holiday; unless the original booking was for a Bank Holiday.
  • Bookings cannot be changed or moved on the day you are due to arrive.
  • Please be aware when making your booking that the weather is not guaranteed. Bookings cannot be changed because of a bad weather forecast if your arrival is within five working days.
  • Date changes can only be made up to the end of the current season that your original booking is for.
  • Any amendments made to a booking will be subject to a £15.00 administration charge.
  • We are not responsible for any cancellations due to any pandemic illnesses; therefore, refunds will not be issued. You would need to claim off your travel insurance.
  • We have a 2 night minimum stay policy in place for all pitches; 3 nights on a Bank Holiday weekend.  Bank Holiday weekends must be booked Friday to Monday.
  • We do not offer 1 night stays.
  • Bookings must be made at least 24 hours in advance; full payment is taken at the time of booking for all telephone bookings.
  • For online bookings we offer a £5.00 per night discount and the option to book with a 40% deposit; with the balance to be paid no later than 4 weeks before your arrival date.
  • Single sex parties of 3 or more persons and unaccompanied young parties are not accepted.
  • Any additional people being added to your booking must be staying for the entire duration of the booking; eg they cannot stay for just one night.
  • There must always be at least one responsible adult over the age of 21 on each pitch at any time.
  • Children under the age of 16 must be supervised in all areas at all times during your stay.
  • Small family group bookings can be made. Please contact the office before making your booking to discuss.
  • You must have adequate caravan, motorhome or tent insurance for your unit and party. Most insurance companies will cover you for the journey aswell as for things such as fire damage, damage to another unit etc.
  • We do not allow Hobby, Buccaneer, Tabbert, Travel King caravans, Equine RV’s or converted horseboxes.
  • Strictly no generators on site – they cannot be used on the site under any circumstances.
  • Gazebos must be booked and paid for, either at the time of booking or at check in.
  • Please note that Pillaton Hall Farm do not provide a gazebo, you must bring your own. We only allow small gazebos (3m x 3m maximum); large event shelters or marquee type products are not permitted.
  • Gazebos are not permitted on pitches 191 – 230; due to the pitches being our small tent pitches.
  • Electric hook up leads must be at least 25 metres in length to ensure that they will reach all our electric hook up points.
  • Homemade electric hook up leads are not permitted.
  • Electrical splitters are not permitted; there is only one electric lead per hook up pitch allowed.
  • Fan heaters can be used, however, please be aware that they use a lot of electricity. Alternatives such as halogen heaters may prove to be more economical to use.
  • Units are not to be plugged into the water mains taps under any circumstances.
  • Our electric hook ups are on smartcard meters; you will be given a card at check in that will need to have a top up added to enable you to have electric. Top ups can be made where necessary and are to be made by card payments only. Any credit left at the end of your stay can be placed back onto your top up card and taken to the campsite reception, where it will be refunded to your bank card.
  • We reserve the right to re-site any pitch for essential maintenance work or due to adverse weather and/or the ground conditions. Notice will be given wherever possible.
  • Check out time is no later than 11:30am.
  • If your pitch is available; you can arrange a late check out for a small fee; this enables you to stay on site until 3.45pm. Please note that late check outs can only be booked on the morning of your departure and we cannot guarantee that one will be available.
  • We have an ANPR barrier system, please ensure that you give the correct registration number when checking in to ensure access to the site.  Any barrier passes issued must be handed in at reception when checking out.



  • All pitch numbers are clearly marked out with the pitch number located on the slab.
  • We are a self-pitching site, please speak to the campsite warden if you have any problems when pitching.
  • You will be given a map at check in; on which the receptionist will show you where your pitch is located.
  • The pitches are marked out with a rectangle, please ensure that you pitch correctly within the guidelines.
  • All caravan jockey wheels must be placed on the slab.
  • Please check that the pitch number on your tag matches the number on the slab before you pitch up.
  • Please ensure that you pitch correctly, you will be asked to move your caravan/tent/motorhome if it is not on the correct pitch, facing the wrong way or is too far out of the guidelines.
  • Pitches must be 10m apart; even if you are camping with other people on another pitch near to you.
  • Awnings must be attached to your caravan/motorhome.
  • No more than one unit per pitch, pup tents are not permitted.
  • We do not allow bivvy tents or shelters to be used on our pitches.



  • Adults (aged 18 and over) must supervise children under 16 at all times; including in the play areas, zip wire, bouncing pillows, Gold Creek, Bike Zone, takeaway, shop and facilities block.
  • Children under 16 are not to be left unattended at any time.
  • Parents/Guardians are responsible for the behaviour of their children and any children in their care at all times during their stay.
  • The play areas, zip wire, Gold Creek, Bike Zone and bouncing pillows are not to be used before dawn or after dusk.

Gold Creek Rules

  • If you find gold, you can take it to the campsite reception/shop to exchange it for a sweet treat. Please note that gold can only be exchanged for sweets once during your stay/visit.
  • Stay and Play customers are able to use the Gold Creek however we do not exchange the gold for sweets if it is a free session.
  • This is a water area and adult supervision is required at all times.
  • If the water levels are above the red marker; please do NOT enter the water.
  • When the gate is locked; please do not enter this area.
  • Appropriate footwear must be worn when in the water.
  • This is a natural stream, please wash your hands after play.
  • Do not drink the water.
  • Please do not tip any products or solutions into the stream.
  • Do not go beyond the fenced off designated area.
  • Do not enter the water if you have any open wounds or cuts.
  • No bikes or inflatables to be taken into the stream.
  • Please stay out of the farmer’s field.
  • Unsupervised children will be asked to leave the water area.
  • This area is used entirely at your own risk.

Bike Zone Rules

  • Please note that children are to be supervised at all times when using the bike track.
  • Electric bikes and electric scooters are not permitted to be used on the track.
  • Helmets are recommended to be worn at all times.
  • All users must ensure that they ride sensibly and carefully and do not obstruct other users.
  • Pillaton Hall Farm do not provide any bikes or scooters, users must bring their own.
  • Pillaton Hall Farm do not take any responsibility for any damage or loss when using the track.
  • The bike track is used entirely at your own risk.


Quiet Time

  • There is a 10.00pm curfew on parties, barbecues, music and noise.
  • Any guests who make excessive noise after 10.00pm will be asked to leave the site.



  • Fires and Fire Pits are strictly forbidden.
  • Charcoal or Gas BBQs are to be used only.
  • All BBQs must be raised off the ground.
  • Bricks to put disposable BBQs are available; they can be found near the large bin areas. Please ask one of the wardens if you cannot locate any and they will assist you. We ask that you return the bricks when you have finished with them.
  • Ensure that all BBQs are fully extinguished before they are placed into a waste bin.
  • NEVER place a BBQ in a tent, awning, caravan or motorhome. Even a cooling BBQ gives off poisonous carbon monoxide (CO), which can kill.
  • Fire extinguishers are provided on the campsite as shown on the site map, please make yourself aware of where your nearest fire point is.



  • All household and food waste is to be placed into the bins provided. Please ensure that all waste is placed inside a bag and that the bag is tied before being placed in the bins.
  • Please note that our waste is sorted and recycled at the waste depot.
  • Please do not dispose of your waste in the washing up area; these bins are for scraps only; when washing up.
  • Only household and food waste is to be disposed of in the site bins. Items such as broken tents, chairs and camping equipment must be taken home with you.
  • Anyone found to be disposing of waste, other than household or food waste, will be charged for the waste collection. Please note that cameras may be in operation at the bin areas.
  • All chemical waste from caravan/motorhome toilets must be disposed of in the chemical waste disposal points (Elsan points) provided. This includes all washing up wastewater.



  • An ANPR barrier system is in place. Please ensure that you give your correct car registration number at the time of booking or at check in, this will then allow your vehicle to have access on and off the site.
  • Emergency access is available.
  • Please do not enter through the exit barrier as one way spikes are in place and will cause your tyres to deflate.
  • Strictly no tailgating; anyone found doing so will be asked to leave the site.
  • You will not be allowed to enter the site unless you have checked in.
  • Misuse of the barrier system, of any kind, will not be tolerated.
  • To ensure safety, we use CCTV in certain areas on the site.
  • Still, digital or video photography is not permitted in the facilities areas.
  • We will on occasions take photographs and/or videos around the site to be used for advertising, our website and social media pages. If you do not wish to appear in such photographs, then please inform the member of staff taking the photograph.
  • Friends/Family are not permitted to come on site to drop off or collect children, items or to help you set up. Only persons on the booking can enter the site.
  • All handovers of children and/or items must be done outside the reception area.



  • There is a 5mph campsite speed limit in place.
  • Strictly no vehicle movement on the site after 22:00; this is for the safety of guests in tents and for guests who are sleeping. Please note that staff vehicles may be driven after this time to allow security checks and maintenance to take place.
  • If you need to leave the site between 22:00 and 06:00 please ensure that you park your car in the area next to the red telephone box and walk to and from the car to your pitch.
  • Strictly no drink driving; drink driving laws apply on all areas of the site.
  • Non driving licence holders are not permitted to drive anywhere on site.
  • You are not permitted to undertake driving lessons on the site.
  • Children are not permitted to be sat on an adult’s lap whilst driving; due to airbags being in the steering wheel.
  • Sign written vans/commercial vehicles are not permitted.
  • Highways vans/vehicles with chevrons are not permitted.
  • Loud exhaust vehicles are not permitted.
  • Up to two cars can be parked at the side of each pitch; with the exception of pitches 191 – 230, they are smaller pitches and only have space for one car. All additional cars are to be parked on the car park located at the side of The Dip.
  • The car park at the facilities block is only to be used if you are using the facilities block.
  • High-top vans/vehicles must be parked on the car park and not at the side of your pitch.
  • Vehicles must not be left parked up near the campsite reception or anywhere else other than on the campsite.
  • During times of extreme wet weather, we may ask that all vehicles are parked away from the grassed areas at the side of your pitch.
  • Electric cars cannot be charged at your pitch; we do not have any specialised charging points.
  • Electric or petrol motorbikes, E scooters, hoverboards, segways, go-peds, powered unicycles and u-wheels are not permitted to be used on the site.
  • Small hoverboards are permitted to be used at your pitch only. Please do not use them to travel around the site to enable other guest’s safety.
  • No motorbikes, scooters, quad bikes, motorised or remote-control vehicles are to be used on the site.
  • Electric cycles are permitted for over 18’s only and are to be used on the tracks only. All electric cycles in the UK are subject to an assisted speed limit of 15.5mph. After this speed the bike can be ridden quicker, but the rider will no longer receive assistance from the motor. You are not riding on private land; the campsite is classed as public highway.
  • Cyclists must not ride close to individual pitches; they must stick to the tracks where possible.
  • Bicycles can only be ridden during daylight hours; we advise the use of helmets at all times.
  • Bicycles must be parked safely, securely and sensibly on your pitch.
  • Bicycles are kept on site at the owner’s risk.



  • Well behaved dogs are welcome on the campsite; however, they must be kept on a lead at all times.
  • Dogs listed on the Dangerous Dogs list are not permitted on the campsite.
  • Dogs are permitted to be tied to a dog lead post on your pitch. Please ensure that they cannot move out of your pitch area and onto another pitch.
  • An enclosed dog walking area is available where, when accompanied, your dog can be let off lead for a run.
  • You must clean up after your dog in all areas of the site, including the enclosed dog walking area.
  • Dogs are not to be left unattended on the site at any time.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the fields surrounding the campsite; please be aware that some of the fences are electric.
    Dogs are not permitted inside Dotties, including the indoor seating area, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • Dogs are not permitted to go in the facilities block at any time, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • You must not use any of the wash facilities or drinking taps to clean your dog.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the play areas, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • Dogs are not permitted on or around the bouncy pillows.
  • Dogs are not permitted in the activity lake or the fishing lakes.
  • Dogs are not permitted to enter the shop/reception at any time, with the exception of assistance dogs.
  • Should your dog be considered a nuisance or dangerous by management; you will be asked to remove them from the site immediately. You, as a dog owner, are responsible for your dog and it’s behaviour.
  • We take no responsibility for any injuries caused to any animals whilst on the site.
  • Please ensure that no dog mess is left on your pitch or in the surrounding area at all times through your stay. Please check when you are leaving that all the mess has been cleaned up.



  • Each person fishing needs a valid rod licence, this must be available to produce should a member of staff or the water bailiff ask to see it.
    Individual fishing wristbands are issued at reception and must be worn by the named person whilst they are fishing.
  • A minimum of 2 years fishing experience is required.
  • All children fishing must have a rod licence (over 12 years) and must be accompanied by an adult who has a fishing licence and at least 2 years fishing experience.
  • Fishing is strictly dawn until dusk; night fishing is not permitted.
  • One complimentary fishing wristband is issued per pitch and is valid for the duration of your stay (terms and conditions apply). Please request your wristband at check in.
  • Additional wristbands must be purchased for all other persons, including children, on your pitch before they start to fish.
  • Fishing pegs cannot be reserved under any circumstances.
  • Children aged 16 and under must be accompanied by an adult at all times whilst they are fishing.
  • Each person fishing must have an individual licence, unhooking mat and landing net.
  • Please ensure that you wear your wristband at all times whilst you are fishing. Random checks will be undertaken by the staff and anyone without a wristband will be asked to stop fishing immediately.
  • Please see our full set of fishing rules on our website


Health & Safety

  • Unacceptable, offensive or illegal behaviour will not be tolerated under any circumstances. We may ask you, or any member of your party, to leave immediately if your conduct is considered by us to be inappropriate, likely to cause harm or impair the comfort or safety of other customers, staff or the general public, or is likely in our belief, to breach any of our terms and conditions. No refunds or compensation will be given in these circumstances.
  • Drugs will not be tolerated under any circumstances, if you appear to be using drugs of any kind then you will be asked to leave the site and the police will be contacted immediately.
  • Cannabis is an illegal drug; if a member of staff smells cannabis on a person or at their pitch, or it is reported by another guest, the police will be called immediately and your entire party will be asked to leave the site.
  • You must be 18 or over to consume alcohol on site.
  • Smoking and vaping is not permitted in any of the campsite buildings such as Dotties, the shop and facilities block.
  • Smoking is not permitted near the gas cages which are located next to the campsite shop/reception.
  • Fireworks, Chinese lanterns and all items deemed as offensive weapons (such as guns, knives, laser pens etc) are not permitted on site.
  • Confetti cannons are not permitted to be used on site.
  • Drones and metal detectors are not permitted to be used on site.
  • Aerials and satellite dishes must not be attached to any of Pillaton Hall Farm’s property.
  • Projectors and screens are not permitted to be used on site.
  • Anyone found to be tampering with the electricity supply and/or equipment will be removed from the site immediately, along with the rest of their party. The cost of repairing any damage caused will be the responsibility of the person/s named on the booking.
  • Caravans, motorhomes, tents, trailers or vehicles are not permitted to be washed on site.
  • Any item that causes an obstruction to the grass cutter or strimmer will be removed from the pitch and disposed of if not collected.
  • Self-standing rotary washing lines are permitted, they must be put away when not in use. Do not tie washing lines to the trees, fences or posts on the site.
  • Trampolines, swings, slides, water slides, large paddling pools, ball pools, hot tubs, bouncy castles or large outdoor play equipment are not permitted on site.
  • Water balloons and confetti are not permitted to be used on site, they are both extremely harmful to the birds and wildlife.
  • Flags and pole lights are permitted; however, pole lights must be switched off by 10.30pm. This is to stop invasion of light privacy into awnings and tents.
  • Under no circumstances can any trees or hedges be cut.
  • Please do not climb up any trees or cause any damage, some of our trees are protected.
  • Guests must not carry out any trade or business from the site.
  • Guests must not carry out any sales or exchanges of any kind on the site.
  • We recommend that you use appropriate footwear and exercise caution during events of inclement weather. Areas of the site may become slippery due to factors such as rain, ice or mud.
  • All accidents must be reported to a member of staff at reception and documented in the accident book.



  • Please book your visitors in at check in; they must be pre-booked and cannot just turn up. This is on a first come, first served basis during busy times.
  • One dog per car is permitted.
  • When your visitor arrives at the site, they will need to park in the campsite shop/reception parking area (please ensure that they do not block the barrier) and pop in the reception/shop to check in and conform their registration number. Please do not let them in or allow them to tailgate.
  • Visitors must arrive no later than two hours before the end of the session time.
  • Only one car (with up to 5 people), is permitted per pitch and all campsite regulations must be followed.
  • Please ensure that you have your visitors name, mobile contact number, car registration number when booking them in and payment must be made at the time of booking.
  • Visitors must leave on time at the end of the session. Please ensure that you end all activities, such as a BBQ, with plenty of time before the session ends.
  • Visitors are not permitted to stay overnight and must take their car off site.
  • Any visitors who arrive that haven’t been pre-booked will not be allowed access to the site. Due to data protection we are unable to contact you if a visitor turns up without being booked on.
  • Anybody found to be bringing visitors on to the site without registering them at reception will be instantly asked to leave; alongside all of their party. Due to health and safety recommendations, this will be taken very seriously.
  • Visitor rules also apply to our seasonal and touring pitches.
  • Please ensure that you advise your family and friends of the changes so that they do not have a wasted journey.
  • Visitors are not permitted to stay on site for any of our live band evenings or events.



  • We take no responsibility for any failure to the electric or water supply due to acts of God, adverse weather conditions etc.
  • Any failure to the electric or water supply will be dealt with as a priority; however, please be aware that it may be an issue out of Pillaton Hall Farm’s control and there may be a time delay whilst waiting for an engineer to attend the site and conduct the repair, this could be up to 48 hours.
  • Any tents, trailer tents, caravans, motorhomes, campervans, awnings or vehicles and their contents left unattended at any time are not the responsibility of Pillaton Hall Farm and are left at the owners’ risk.
  • Pillaton Hall Farm and its employees shall not be held responsible for any accident, loss, damage or theft to persons, vehicles, caravans, motorhomes, campervans, tents, trailer tents, contents or accessories, however caused.
  • Any damage caused by acts of God or any other circumstances to personal belongings is not the responsibility of Pillaton Hall Farm or its employees.
  • The main person named on a booking is responsible for the entire party for the duration of their stay. This person will be the main point of contact and is responsible for ensuring that all members of their party are familiar with and adhere to the terms and conditions.
  • Any damage caused by guests must be paid for. The main lead on the party is responsible for any payments that are to be made due to damage.
  • Any deliberate damage made by an individual or group will result in the entire party being asked to leave the site immediately.
  • Any guest causing a nuisance, being irresponsible or a danger to others will be asked to leave immediately and will be banned from coming back to stay at Pillaton Hall Farm. Any future bookings they have made will be null and void and are non-refundable.
  • The management reserves the right to refuse admission to the site for any person, fees are non-refundable.
  • The management reserves the right to make changes to the terms and conditions at any time.

We expect all of our staff and guests to act in a courteous and considerate manner to anyone staying, visiting or working at Pillaton Hall Farm.

Threatening behaviour of any kind towards our staff will not be tolerated.

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